Vorderseiber refers to the front part of the large Seiber area, which shapes the landscape scenery surrounding Weißenkirchen with its impressive stone walls. The vineyard was already recorded in 1366 as "Seiberer", although it is not clear whether it refers to the front or the rear part.

Soil Profile Vorderseiber

In the terrace vineyards of the lower Vorderseiber, the diverse paragneiss complex of the Seiber slope is characterised by landslide material. The topsoil of the profile exhibits an approx. 20-cm-thick mineral humus horizon lying directly above weathered hillside debris. The light-coloured stones are fragments of large feldspars. The reddish-brown coatings are iron oxides formed during the course of weathering. Underneath, there is friable paragneiss with hornblende-gneiss and dark amphibolite enclaves.