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Steinfeder®, Federspiel® and Smaragd®

Steinfeder. Federspiel. Smaragd. Three wine styles that enjoy an international reputation while summing up the diversity of the Wachau region. Signposts indicating the level of grape maturity and the complexity of the resulting wines, these style classes express the most appropriate setting for the wine.


Fragrant and light. Wines belonging to the Steinfeder style group provide a fresh, clear taste experience, with up to 11.5% alcohol by volume. The name comes from the Steinfeder, the European feather grass abounding in the Wachau’s steep rocky terraces. The grass, like the wine – feather-light.


Deeply subtle and strong in character. Wines known as Federspiel convey the many facets of their origin. Always striking a balance between elegance and depth, these wines go well in a variety of settings and, with not more than 12.5% alcohol, are ideal companions for any meal. The name recalls the art of falconry: the Federspiel was the bait used to lure the falcon homewards.


Complex and long-lived. The grapes for Smaragd wines linger longest on the vine. The result is white wines without a hint of oaking that are remarkably complex, intricately structured and heavier than many, with up to 12.5% alcohol by volume. And they display promising ageing potential. The dry stone walls of the Wachau are home to the Smaragdeidechse, the emerald-green lizard that lends its name to this wine style.

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