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Ab Hof


Kremser Straße 15
3610 Weißenkirchen
Kremser Straße 15
3610 Weißenkirchen

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The Kropf family’s vineyard is situated right next to the major Danube cycling route, and cyclists would be well advised to pull their brakes when they cycle past it: a little excursion into the family’s tasting room is certainly worth considering, as they have wines on offer from terraces which are only rarely seen in the range of winemakers from the region. Besides the Kropf family produce an ample range of apricot product, from jam and chutneys to liqueurs and jellies. Although Hans-Christian Kropf also vinifies wines from grapes growing on the Vorderseiber, which towers right above Weissenkirchen, his most spectacular terraces are to be found where the Danube bends towards Dürnstein – at the Buschenberg, the Kaiserberg and the Lichtensteinerin. These are steep terraces, some of which can only be cultivated manually, and they yield deeply mineral wines full of character. The higher parcels of land host mainly Veltliner, while the lower ones are planted with Riesling.   The Kropfs only grow Veltliner and Riesling, but manage to elicit an astonishing spectrum of aromas from the two grape varieties. They grow wines in all of the typical Wachau categories, either: They don't leave out Smaragd any more, but still concentrate on lighter, more playful varieties, above all fruit-intense Steinfedern and luscious-spicy Federspiele. His decision to specialize has paid off: the Kropf wines have been decorated with some prizes. 


  • Full of nuances and character with 11.5 to 12.5 Vol.%.

  • Internationally renowned top wines with optimum physiological ripeness over 12.5 Vol.%

    • Kaiserberg - 2016
      Grüner Veltliner