With a south and south-west orientation, the Steinriegl vineyard is adjoining to the lower area of the Vorderseiber. The gentle slopes boast a geological rarity, as white calc-silicate marble can be found at several spots.

Soil Profile Steinriegl

The subsoil in the upper reaches of the Steinriegl vineyard is composed of paragneiss, which transitions towards the bottom into strongly weathered paragneiss landslide material. In the lower part of the Steinriegl, banded marble and silicate marble are also found, which give the soils their high carbonate content. Above this, some areas contain calcareous terrace rubble from an ancient glaciation: the Danube glaciation occurred long before the four well-known glaciations of Günz, Mindel, Riss and Würm.
The profile from the Steinriegl shows a soil formed from friable paragneiss landslide material with a carbonaceous band in the lower profile section.