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Ab Hof


Dürnstein 107
3601 Dürnstein
Kellerschlössel 1
3601 Dürnstein

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With winery director and Master of Wine Roman Horvath and winemaker Heinz Frischgruber the Domäne Wachau has become one of the leading and most influential wineries in the region. About 440 hectares of terraces and vineyards are cultivated across the entire Wachau. Singerriedel, Achleiten, Kellerberg and Loibenberg are just some of the most famous terraces. While the range and diversity of wines is highly impressive, some common denominators can nevertheless be identified: ranging from Steinfeder to Smaragd, all of its wines are characterized by elegance and precision, depth of aromas and vivacity, and these qualities are neatly complemented by origin-specific notes. 95% of the Domäne Wachau´s grapes are white varieties, but it also produces sweet wines and the Domäne Wachau Backstage-Portfolio is setting new standards. Innovation is one keyword that characterises their wines, authenticity a second one. These two qualities operate in perfect harmony with each other, and everyone who tries the wines of the Domäne Wachau is able to taste and explore for themselves the finer features of the region’s wide spectrum. It is possible to sample Veltliner & Co in the winery’s own Vinothek. In addition to the wines, the Domäne Wachau store also offers excellent spirits and other produce from the region.