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Best of Weinfrühling

A whole weekend with Steinfeder®, Federspiel® and Smaragd® wines taking centre stage: that was the 2022 Wachau Weinfrühling!

And it was well worth the wait! Again this year, wine lovers from near and far streamed to the Wachau on April 30 and May 1. Access to the festival was as easy as ever, with the Weinfrühling wristband opening the door to every participating estate and winery. This year over 111 took part, representing the region from Mautern to Vießling, and from Unterloiben to Mitterarnsdorf. Other vintners, already open for the Heuriger season on this weekend, also joined in. Visitors were delighted to taste their way from one Heuriger wine tavern to the next—all within walking distance. It has never been easier to enjoy the Wachau!

“Each and every vintner shares in the event: that’s what makes it so special.”
Emmerich H. Knoll, Vinea Wachau Chairman

Along the ‘golden mile’ in Weißenkirchen: visitors strolled from tavern to tavern.

This year’s highlight:
16 guest vintners from the Tokaj region

The Wachau Weinfrühling is Vinea Wachau’s biggest annual event. This year, more than 4,000 Weinfrühling wristbands changed hands. This meant a wealth of tasting experiences—not only from the Wachau but also the Tokaj region. It’s our custom each year to invite vintners from another winegrowing region to present their assortment. Tokaji wines were featured this time, offering fascinating contrasts to the Wachau’s Steinfeder, Federspiel and Smaragd styles.

Full house:
Steinfeder Night in Spitz

The Wachau Weinfrühling reached its climax with the Steinfeder Night in Schloss Spitz. To match the exciting wines served by Vinea Wachau’s vintners, we arranged for just the right beat: with the help of local band Skolka, the castle courtyard was instantly transformed into a dance floor. In the Wachau, we know how to celebrate! And to keep up energy levels, guests were treated to various sweet and spicy specialities. A perfect evening, topped off by a visit to the Smaragd Bar.

Thanks to all estates and vintners taking part, and to our guests. See you next year!

Exciting atmosphere—visitors aplenty: that sums up the Steinfeder Night in Schloss Spitz.

“The Wachau Weinfrühling generates tremendous impulses for the whole region.“
Franz G. Hirtzberger

Weinfrühling: The Wachau 2021 vintage shares centre stage with winegrowers visiting from the Tokaj region