Vom Stein


subsite of:
Size in ha:
Altitude in m:
209 - 237
Average Slope in %:
Terraced vineyard:
Labour required in h:


"Vom Stein" refers to a parcel of the Silberbichl vineyard, which lies directly at the eastern boundary to the neighbouring wine-growing area.

Soil Profile Vom Stein

In the vicinity of the Vom Stein section of the Silberbichl vineyard is a terrace rubble deposit from the Günz glaciation. The profile has been taken from a vineyard with relocated loess, however. The terrace gravel in the profile displays only isolated pebbles. It also contains small, sharp-edged paragneiss fragments, together with the pebbles a further indication of how the loess was previously relocated. Loess was deposited in the Wachau by west winds during the most recent ice age, the Riss glaciation (110,000–12,000 years ago). A relatively balanced water content can be observed for this deep, fertile and calcareous soil over the entire vegetation period. Grüner Veltliner in particular responds to it with a full body and smooth texture, a wine style highly esteemed by countless wine enthusiasts.