Spitzer Point


Insolation in hours per year:
Size in ha:
Slope gradient:
Ø 12 %
238 - 272 m


Point refers to the area at the foot of the Setzberg, Zornberg and Offenberg. The eroded weathered material accumulated in this cone, and thanks to its depth and water storage capacity, it provides the ideal substrate for Grüner Veltliner.

Soil profile Spitzer Point

Due to erosion and gravity, a deep and heavy soil developed at the foot of the Setzberg farther inland: the Spitzer Point vineyard. Colluvial deposits of paragneiss, several metres thick, ensure a balanced water supply even in hot and dry summers. Moreover, the humus-rich topsoil improves water absorption and the water storage capacity, and supplies the vines with all the essential nutrients. Compared to other footslope locations, the Spitzer Point has a heavier soil texture. Grüner Veltliner wines respond to these conditions, achieving a balanced structure, dense, full body, and a long finish.