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Grand opening

The most important opening night of the season? It may well be when you open a 2019 Wachau Smaragd®, now available. The wines are on offer beginning from May 1. And they hold great promise.

Treat yourself to a glass – the 2019 Smaragd® wines are waiting for you.

Elegant. Subtle. Mineral. There’s much to suggest that 2019 will be an outstanding vintage. The Steinfeder and Federspiel classes have already made a convincing showing. The Smaragd are now on offer as of May 1 and available for tasting at your convenience. Smaragd® is the name the Vinea Wachau vintners give to the best they’ve got: a late harvest ensures exceptionally ripe grapes with a natural must concentration. World-class wines. What’s in the name? The shimmering green Smaragdeidechse on the label is very much at home among the dry stone walls of the Wachau’s vineyards.

Double debut: taste the 2019 Smaragd® at home

Even before restaurants and dining venues reopen, you can taste the 2019 Smaragd® in the convenience of your home. Those among the first to order additionally benefit from the many special offers our vintners are extending at this exceptional time – such as the Weinfrühling packages.

But back to the 2019 Smaragd wines. Many are already claiming this vintage to be exceptional. Roman Horvath MW of Domäne Wachau ventures even a step further.

The 2019 Grüner Veltliner Smaragd is among the finest vintages we have ever stocked in our cellar.
Roman Horvath MW, Domäne Wachau

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What makes the 2019 Smaragd® so very special? The hot summer and an extended ripening period has brought forth grapes harbouring profoundly deep aromas. Minerality, precision and complexity are typical of these wines. Some of the Veltliners exhibit a good extent of strength. 

Like our vintners, who will be pleased to personally carry your orders to the post office. What we are looking forward to the most, though, is your next visit to the Wachau.

The dazzling emerald facets of Smaragd ......
... soon on the way to you by parcel post!