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Description of the vinery

Our family business is located in the historical village St. Michael in the Region „Wachau“, a World Heritage.
Although the total wine growing in this region is just over 1.300 ha, Wachau is one of the most famous white wine areas in the world.

Our property was bought by Mr. Leopold Bruch, the grandfather of the actual owner Richard Bruch, so our family is operating in the 3rd generation now.

We operate about 3,5 ha vineyards as well as 0,45 ha apricot.

The old vines which are partly over 50 years old, growing on granite in the special microclimate of the river Danube valley Wachau are an excellent basis for high quality wines.
Of course we treat our vineyards as close to nature as possible, for example we don´t use herbicides.

A process, well ballanced between modern technology and classical methods is the basis for our very fruity wines with advanced sensory properties. The focus on a certain low fermentation temperature for example is giving a high impact to the style of our wines.

As a member of the vintner association „Vinea Wachau Nobilis Districtus“ we sell the wine categories
Steinfeder® Federspiel® and Smaragd®
since over 25 years.

We sell wine directly in our locations and through trading houses.


• Fa. GEITH Albert OHG, Vinothek D-84.489 Burghausen Germany

• Niche Trading, Osaka, Japan

Richard Bruch

Steinfeder®, Federspiel® and Smaragd® are registered trademarks of Vinea Wachau Nobilis Districtus e.V. and restricted for members only


  • Fragrant light and refreshing with up to 11.5 Vol %.

  • Full of nuances and character with 11.5 to 12.5 Vol.%.

  • Internationally renowned top wines with optimum physiological ripeness over 12.5 Vol.%