Weingärtnerei Helmut Donabaum

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Ab Hof


Haidgasse 10
3620 Spitz
Haidgasse 10
3620 Spitz

Company information

Helmut Donabaum’s vineyard is located in a place which is strongly influenced by the Danube and additionally by the cold winds and steep terraces of the Spitzer Graben. His 500-year-old house is situated in the shadow of the Setzberg, where the majority of his vineyards are located as well. Mainly Veltliner and Riesling grow in the sparse, sandy soil of these vineyards, and their aromas perfectly mirror their terroir. Donabaum also has an excellent Neuburger in the Smaragd category in his repertoire, which unfolds its potential over the years.   Moreover, Helmut Donabaum’s Veltliner from the Offenberg aptly demonstrates that it is possible to produce original and highly individual wines in the Steinfeder category. Towering high above the valley, the terrace features old vines that impress with clarity, precise fruit and depth. It is possible to sample the wines three times a year in the Heurigen – either in the family’s age-old stone vaults or in their pleasantly shady courtyard in the summer – where Veltliner & Co. can be enjoyed together with classic specialities from the Wachau.


  • Fragrant light and refreshing with up to 11.5 Vol %.

  • Full of nuances and character with 11.5 to 12.5 Vol.%.

  • Internationally renowned top wines with optimum physiological ripeness over 12.5 Vol.%

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      Grüner Veltliner
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      Müller Thurgau