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The Atzberg lies in the heart of the Wachau, one of the world’s most beautiful cultural landscapes. The Singerriedel opposite and the Atzberg vineyard are likely to have formed one geological unit before the Mieslingbach stream separated the two.Iron-containing red stone with gneiss and slate structure combined with a very barren layer of earth – the extreme mineral content of the soil has been scientifically documented by numerous mineral finds.The Atzberg is an extremely steep site. Its southerly orientation, the optimal sun exposure, the cool air descending through the Mieslingtal valley at night and the direct proximity to the Danube all produce a very special microclimate.The “ÄRZTBERG” was first named as a wine-producing single-vineyard site in a deed dating back to 1382. The soil – as the original name in German suggests – is rich in ore.Due to the difficulties associated with the cultivation of this steep vineyard, viniculture on the Atzberg was abandoned in the 1950s after a good 700 years. The renowned Wachau expert wine pastor Hans Denk (†) always attributed a quality to the site that is unique in the Wachau, which is why, starting in 2008, this outstanding site was recultivated with a great deal of work by hand and countless steps.


    • Atzberg - "Obere Steilterrassen"
      Grüner Veltliner
      "Obere Steilterrassen"
    • Atzberg - "Steilterrassen"
      Grüner Veltliner