Numerous contrasts abound in this confined space – a unique wine-growing area of rare beauty – which is differentiated from all other vine culture lands in Europe by its land formations and subtle microclimate.

Along with the climate, the soils are the “second” mystery of the Wachau. Weathered primary rock soils (gneiss, silicate and rock brown earth) enrich the mountain terraces; lower down, they are covered partly with islands of loess that evolve into light, sandy soils. The vines thrive on the terraces that reach up to around 450 meters above sea level – this is 250 meters above the Danube river. With their extremely modest fruit yield per vine, the mountain sites add to the fame of Wachau wines all over the world, because they bring together what is so difficult to reach anywhere in the world: special charm; taste intensity, and clear grape aromas.