Astrid und Peter Machherndl

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Bachgasse 19
3610 Wösendorf

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If one happens to walk past house no. 19 in the Bachgasse in Wösendorf outside the Heurigen season, one will no doubt be extremely surprised to find not a Heurigen but a garage at the address. Astrid and Peter Machherndl are classic part-time winemakers – a species that is almost extinct in the Wachau. Yet this is no cause for concern – on the contrary: Veltliner and Riesling, Zweigelt and Pinot Blanc are taken just as seriously here as shock absorbers and fan belts. The couple cultivates vines on two outstanding terraces, the Kollmütz in Wösendorf and the Hinterkirchen in Weissenkirchen. Their range of wines pays tribute both to the freshness and vivacity of the Steinfeder and the intensity and vigour of the Smaragd. The field work is done in harmony with the phases of the moon.   The apricot and pear trees yield the basis excellent spirits, which can be tried twice a year when their Heurigen opens. Before moving on to the fruit-spirits, however, one should definitely taste the Machherndl wines and also take a very good look at the menu, which features a whole range of fine delicacies from the area.