As the mountain between the Tiefenthal and the Heudürrgraben, the Liebenberg is one of the three imposing vineyards between Weißenkirchen and Dürnstein. Oriented towards the south and south-west, the Liebenberg captivates with its very homogeneous overall appearance, characterised by dry stone walls. As a donation from Leuthold von Kuenring, this vineyard name was documented very early on (1312). The name refers to the former owners, the aristocratic Liebenberg dynasty.

Soil profile Liebenberg

In the upper terrace vineyards of the Liebenberg, various forms of paragneiss represent the parent rock for the soils. Dark amphibolite outcrops are scattered everywhere, and amphibolite is also found in the stone walls.

The profile comes from the lower terrace vineyards, where the bedrock is covered by landslide material. It is a loamy-silty, strongly calcareous matrix with embedded paragneiss and amphibolite stones and rocks. During the landslide, the transported stones and rocks were aligned in the direction of movement.